Warranty Information

Warranty responsibility:

– All product warranties are handled exclusively by the manufacture.

A). Limited Warranty – the manufacturer warrants to the original end used (“purchase”) that new products will be free from defects in workmanship and material, under normal use, for 6 months from the date of delivery.

B). Exclusions- The warranty excludes (1) physical damage to the surface of the product, including cracks are scratched; (2) damaged caused by misuse, neglect, improper installation or testing, unauthorized attempts to open, repair, or modify the product, or any other use beyond the range of the intended use; (3) damage caused by accident, fire, power changes, other hazards, or acts of god; or (4) use of the products with other than distilled water.

C). Exclusive Remedies – if you notify the manufacture of a covered defect during the warranty period, you sole and exclusive remedy shall be, at manufacturer’s sole option and expense, to have the covered defect repaired or replaced. If manufacture cannot reasonably repair or replace the water wall, then it may, at it’s sole discretion, refund the purchase price paid for the product. Replacement products or parts may be new or reconditioned or comparable versions of the defective item. Manufacture warrants any replaced or repaired product or part for a period of the year from date of repair.

D). Obtaining Warranty Service – Purchaser must contact the manufacture Purchase Service Center within the applicable warranty period to obtain warranty service authorization by calling: 714-893-4444. In addition, a written request needs to be made by email to: info@waterwallbiz.com Dated proof of original purchase or receipt will be required. Products or parts shipped by purchaser to the manufacture must be sent

postage-paid and packaged appropriately for safe shipment. All products or parts that are replaced become the property of the manufacturer.

E). Outdoor use- All water walls are designed for interior use only, unless your purchase-order specifically states that it can be used outdoors.

F). Warranty Access- it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the water wall is fully accessible for warranty repair. If the water wall is built into a wall or has decorative trim, it is the purchaser’s expense and responsibility to make the waterwall fully accessible for warranty service.


A). The manufacture will not be liable for damages or malfunctions caused by “Auto-fill float valve.”

B). Shipment may be delayed and/or is contingent upon natural disasters, strikes, accidents, availability of material and all other causes beyond our control.

C). If installation by the manufacturer is not purchased, then the purchaser must provide the manpower and equipment necessary to “unload” freight from the carriers’ truck and install the water wall.

D). Careful inspection of freight and crated products is the purchaser’s responsibility before accepting delivery of water wall.

E). Safe and secure storage of water wall and/or materials after delivery and prior to installation is the purchaser’s responsibility.

F). Decorative surroundings and/or fascia’s to conceal or accessorize the water wall is the responsibility of the purchaser and not that of the manufacture or the seller.

G). Proper maintenance after installation to ensure a long-lasting water wall is the responsibility of the purchaser. No bleach, chlorine, or chlorine by –products are authorized for maintenance of your custom water wall. Chlorine (i.e. bleach or non-chlorine “shock”) will deteriorate the pump and cause malfunction. This malfunction is not covered under the warranty and the manufacture will not be liable for damages caused by these actions.